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Art Pigment Ink
Art Pigment Ink For Epson Printer Premium Quality or 100% Money Back Guarantee!!! For Epson..
RM 0.00 Ex Tax: RM 0.00

Combo 5in1 Mug Press
Digital 5 in 1 Combo Mug Press Made in china, premium quality,  Print 5pcs of mugs in o..
RM 1,250.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,250.00

Epson L800 Printer
Epson L800 Printer (Best for sublimation ink,dye ink and pigment) The Epson L800 is the world’s f..
RM 830.00 Ex Tax: RM 830.00

Glossy Inkjet Paper A4
2880 dpi Inkjet Paper.(Premium Quality)   . A4 size, 1pack 100pcs.  . Suitab..
RM 14.00 Ex Tax: RM 14.00

Best Sublimation Ink
Best Quality Sublimation Ink Best quality ink imported from Korea(100% Original). Suitable f..
RM 0.00 Ex Tax: RM 0.00

Heat Press Machine 2018
8in1 Combo Heat Press Machine This 8in1 combo machine included: 15"Wide X 15"Deep (actual s..
RM 1,950.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,950.00

Sublimation Paper
Premium Sublimation Paper Outstanding quality. Without residues,more vivid colors and durabi..
RM 45.00 Ex Tax: RM 45.00

Button Badge machine
Button Badge Machine Can use for all different size of mould like : 32mm,44mm,58mm,75mm. Eas..
RM 299.00 Ex Tax: RM 299.00

High Temperature Tape
High Temperature Tape Lenght :33m x 0.5cm Not electrically conductive. Can be used for sof..
RM 4.90 Ex Tax: RM 4.90

Transfer Tape
Clear Transfer Tape Transfer tape is tape used to move your vinyl design,sticker design or transf..
RM 4.90 Ex Tax: RM 4.90

Silicone Mat
Silicone Mat Premium Quality. 2 sizes , 38cm x 30cm  and 38cm x 38cm Thickness :8mm. ..
RM 39.00 Ex Tax: RM 39.00

Telfon Sheet
Telfon Sheet Size 50cm x 40cm. Reduce the damage on white tshirt printing. Protect the upp..
RM 29.00 Ex Tax: RM 29.00

CUYI Pigment Ink
Cuyi Pigment Ink A.(FOR TRANSFER PAPER ONLY)     Cuyi Pigment Ink B.(FOR MULT..
RM 0.00 Ex Tax: RM 0.00